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Megan Wolfe at Mickacoo Pigeon and Dove Rescue

A Sweet Hello..

Empty were the artist statements I used to write. And I would know. While writing them, I spun them to go in circles without any coherent meaning. Yes, on purpose. But creating illusions is no way to have an honest relationship with any person. I don’t want to go over your head with rhetoric or worse, product branding. I’d like to work with you, and make a connection with pictures and words.

That’s what brought me to journalism. I spent ten years in San Francisco as a gallery artist. A painter. I showed my work frequently, taught art classes, and painted murals. But I didn’t feel connected to my clients. What personal experiences made them identify with my art?

By chance, during this time, I fell into commercial photography. I worked for PopSugar.com as their editorial photographer, and did freelance work on the side for others. I also took pictures for a couple of bird rescue organizations, Mickaboo and MickaCoo. These were some of my favorite jobs because I got to interview the people I worked with. I got to learn about them.

Eventually, I moved out of the Bay Area and back to Mississippi, where my family lives. I started over as a photojournalist, though I’ve fallen into writing as well. I currently write a bi-weekly article for the South Reporter. Copies of my favorites are posted here in “Articles”. Scans of the originals are coming soon.

I tell stories that belong to other people. I take pictures because I believe stories are worth seeing.

Email: info@meganwolfephoto.com

Megan Wolfe

(Photo of Megan Wolfe by MickaCoo Pigeon and Dove Rescue)