Published: SNAP Magazine

Clips of Published Work Enclosed ——– Clips of my published work from the Summer 2015 issue of SNAP Magazine. The issue, titled “Bon Vivant”, can be downloaded for free through the Apple Newsstand for the iPhone or iPad. You can also view it on Hipstamatic’s website. Snap Magazine is published by Hipstamatic, and focuses exclusively on Hipstamatic and Oggl mobile photography.

Published: The Collierville Herald

Clips of Published Work Enclosed ——– Clips of my published work from the Collierville Herald in Collierville, Tennessee; including the “Collierville Herald Extra” sports magazine. The magazine highlights star athletes from Collierville’s highschools. Also included are front page photographs and photo spreads from the weekly edition of the Collierville Herald newspaper.

Published: The South Reporter

Clips of Published Work Enclosed ——– More clippings of my published work with the South Reporter, including “Slice of Life” articles and photos featuring local celebrities, teachers, and artists. My photography graced the front page for the second time this year with the Behind the Big House tour (clip enclosed here).

Video: PBS’ “Freedom Summer”

Video of Published Work Enclosed ——– In May of 2014, I had the honor of shooting some additional footage for a short documentary. The short is a bonus, and a part of PBS’ “Freedom Summer” documentary. It’s included on the DVD of Freedom Summer. The bonus video interviews Anita Walton Moore, currently the librarian at Rust College in Holly Springs, MS. PBS says this about the clip: “The first black woman to earn a masters degree in library science from the University of Mississippi, Anita Walton Moore went on to become the head librarian at Rust College, the oldest Historically Black College in Mississippi. There, she has worked to preserve books and documents from 1964’s Freedom Summer. “Freedom Summer” premieres June 24, 2014 on PBS.” To describe which clips are mine, I shot most of the in-between footage of Byhalia and Holly Springs. The footage of Anita Moore and Rust College (along with any panning shots) belong to Cameron Hickey. I have to thank Cameron ( for hiring me to do this shoot, and for updating the credits to include me! He was fantastic to work with, and I’m really excited about the finished product. See the bonus video of […]

Published: Desoto Magazine

Clips of Published Work Enclosed ——– Over time, the pictures I’ve taken at the Marshall County Historical Museum have come in handy for publication, including The South Reporter and Desoto Magazine. In May 2014, my photos illustrated an article in Desoto Magazine. In the year’s special “Wedding Issue”, the photos accompanied an article titled “Yesterday’s Bride”, written by Chelle Ellis. Unfortunately, the shots were mis-credited to the Museum’s Director (and good friend of mine), Chelius Carter. Desoto Magazine later corrected the error on their website upon request. Attached are copies of the publication with the mis-credit, as well as the corrected web page.

Published: The South Reporter

Clips of Published Work Enclosed ——– When I moved back to Mississippi, I started writing articles and taking pictures on behalf of the Marshall County Historical Museum. The Museum produces a weekly article for The South Reporter on the history of Marshall County, the Museum’s artifacts, historical preservation, and other topics of interest. I especially enjoy interviewing locals about what they remember of our town from the past. The articles I write currently run on a bi-weekly basis, and some of my photography, both related and unrelated to the Museum, has also been published by the South Reporter.

2014 Calendar: Mickaboo Rescue

Screen Shots Enclosed ——– Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue’s 2014 calendars are now available to order! Similar to the 2013 calendar, one of the 2014 calendars features portrait photos of Mickaboo volunteers. However, in addition to the volunteer’s calendar, Mickaboo has created a second calendar that highlights Mickaboo birds exclusively (note: a couple of the photos were contributed by others – which not shown below). “For the Birds” is an in-progress series of photographs and portraits of Mickaboo volunteers, highlighting their compassion for the birds in their care. Click to purchase a calendar and donate to Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue:

Web: John Felix on

Screen Shots Enclosed ——– Online art magazine featured several posts about John Felix Arnold III’s residency in Japan. Prior to his trip, John Felix hired me to do a photo shoot to advertise for the trip, as well as his first installation at the SFMOMA. Check out more of John Felix Arnold III’s work on his website, or in my Photography gallery. Screen shots of the original articles featuring my shots of John Felix and his work are below.

Web Media: FitSugar Demos

Screen Shots Enclosed ——– PopSugar’s fitness department, FitSugar, has been collecting workout photos for their ongoing web tutorials and demo apps. For these shots, we scheduled seasonal photo shoots with fitness trainer Jenn Pattee, where simple moves could be photographed and reused in multiple tutorials. FitSugar demos included yoga postures, aerobic moves, weight training, and running exercises. Below are screen shots of tutorials that featured my work exclusively, though other tutorials also continue to use my work.

Web Media: Dartealing Lounge

Screen Shots Enclosed ——– This year I experimented with Facebook updates and photography for client websites. As part of the package, I updated my client’s website and social media with select photos from our shoots. The idea was to help tighten up the client’s branding by adding the extra polish of professional photography. All shots in this post were taken at Dartealing Lounge in San Francisco, California. You can check out the original media updates to Dartealing Lounge’s Facebook page at: