Shannon McNally Yoga & Music

“McNally Balances Yoga, Music” – a Slice of Life article (text as printed in The South Reporter on March 6, 2014) The word “Namaste” has a new musical ring to it thanks to one Holly Springs resident. In between album tours, singer-songwriter Shannon McNally brings one of the most popular forms of exercise, yoga, to the gyms of Holly Springs through scheduled classes and private yoga sessions. In her classes, McNally stresses the importance of deep breathing for improved focus, strength, and balance. She asks students what they would like to improve, and then tailors each workout based on their requests. The workout is also adapted to meet the needs of students with physical difficulties, and so, is very inclusive. It all coincides with McNally’s mantra: yoga is for everyone, regardless of where you start. Students are encouraged to focus only on their own practice, and not to make comparisons with one another. The class results in a welcoming, and relaxing experience. “It’s like music,” she says. “You don’t know who needs it.” McNally credits her own yoga practice for teaching her to slow down, and focus. In this way, yoga has enriched the other creative aspects of her life, […]

Hello October Snapshots

“A Diary of Favorite Shots” — October was a month of development. I had been investigating publications for my work, and I learned that the Marshall County Historical Museum needed help producing weekly articles for the South Reporter newspaper. The work offered experience in storytelling, and a foot in the field of journalism. I took on the project. In November, I’m looking forward to interviewing locals, and highlighting historical artifacts treasured by the community. I’ve also decided, through trial and error, to revert back to my former Instagram habits, and place an emphasis on street photography. Though there isn’t the number of people walking around in a small town like there is in a city, I think a lot could be communicated, and the subject will pair well with the niche I’m just beginning to carve.