For the Birds: Almost Home

Today, Patricia Gideon lives in a house with 21 birds. Tomorrow, that number could be more or less, depending on if birds are abandoned by their owners, or adopted by new ones. One of five “Adoption Coordinators” for Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue, Patricia runs a foster home for rescued companion birds, and pairs prospective owners with birds from her flock. Out of the 21 birds living with her, 11 are foster birds. The remaining 10 are permanent residents, adopted by Patricia and her husband, Christopher. Patricia admits that it’s hard not falling in love and adopting every bird. But she says the hardest obstacle isn’t her own attachment, it’s gaining the trust of the birds placed in her care. “So many of these birds have been shuffled from home to home, or have been neglected or abused, that they don’t trust humans,” says Patricia. “With birds like these, there’s a traumatic history, or fear, to overcome.” She tries to find the cause of the trauma, whether it’s physical or emotional, and handle the bird in a way that won’t trigger its anxiety. “It’s about the most difficult thing of all,” she says. “On the flip side, overcoming that fear is about the […]