Old Crow Tattoo Presents Friends & Lovers

From the original press release: “Old Crow Tattoo and Gallery presents Friends and Lovers A collaborative art exhibition and experience New artworks and installations by Shrine, Lauren Napolitano, Andrew Luck and Charlotte Drury “Friends and Lovers” is an art exhibition that hopes to examine the varying relationships between artists and their artwork by curating a show based on the artists’ experiences with each other. More so than solely making decisions on the merits of each person’s artwork individually; a simple framework was put in place by choosing 2 groups of artists: one set as “friends” and one set as “lovers”. The exhibition speaks to trials and tribulations relationships can endure, while also highlighting how a nurturing and loving artistic partnership can be reflected within art. This statement can be applied to both groups interchangeably, thus making the inter-connectivity of the artists and the artwork so interesting and vital.” On view until March 23, 2013 Old Crow Tattoo and Gallery 362 Grand Ave Oakland, CA